J Balvin openly refused to be American
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J Balvin openly refused to be American

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-19 20:37:47

The 34-year-old reggaeton singer from Columbia J Balvin along with Awkwafina and Maluma excites his fans not only with his incredible mix of music. Not so long ago, he claimed something really stunning about America!

As you know, J Balvin moved to the US when its president was George W.Bush. So, when a journalist asked him about the changes of the country, the answer was exciting. And we started to like J Balvin even more!

The star claimed he never considered himself as an American, claiming he was just a man.

He also admitted there was a lot of hatred around, but maybe hatred just made a lot of noise., just like any bomb did.

The singer paid attention to the fact that many tender hugs were left without attention just because they were silent. According to him, social networks are responsible for increasing hatred.

At the same time, J Balvin believed that there were more good people in the world than bad ones, so he looked to the future positively.

How about you? Do you agree with the celeb?