J Balvin's is head turning 360 degrees. What a terrifying scene!
© Instagram / J Balvin

J Balvin's is head turning 360 degrees. What a terrifying scene!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-11-03 18:34:51

J Balvin has recently shared a video on his official Instagram page in which his head is turning around many times. What's happening in the video?

These days, J Balvin gave a great concert on Saturday Halloween by emerging through a huge beautiful pumpkin. The star of the video game «Fortnite» was met by hundreds of loud fans. The singer impressed the spectators with his green haired and a yellow suit of Frankenstein. Not long ago, J Balvin has advertised McDonald's. According to the ad, J Balvin meal includes a hamburger without pickles, French fries with ketchup and certainly McFlury. Travis Scott advertised McDonald's food too but his set of products looks a bit different.

J Balvin has shared an episode from his new music video to the song «La Luz». In the video, the singer's head is turning around like in a horror movie. It looks really scaring; however, it is liked by most people. The music video was directed by Colin Tilley. The singer's followers on Instagram appreciate his song saying is sounds truly beautiful. People of different ages love J Balvin very much, including the elderly.

J Balvin Afterlife Party was held on 1st November. Those who have watched the concert are truly thankful for it. They support the Latin talented singer. You can watch the full event video of J Balvin Fortnite concert by following the next reference.