The Net started saying goodbye to Jackie Chan! Don't worry, the actor is fine
© Instagram / Jackie Chan

The Net started saying goodbye to Jackie Chan! Don't worry, the actor is fine

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-21 16:35:44

The phrase «Bye Jackie Chan» hit the trends of social networks and users were seriously scared for the health of the 66-year-old Chinese colleague of Bruce Lee and Jet Lee. It turned out that Jackie himself and his physical condition had nothing to do with it, and the people were made nervous by a group of racists from New York as they quarreled with the police.

The video of a quarrel between New Yorkers and police was posted on Twitter and the confrontation went so far that it fell into social network trends with the tag «Bye Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
© Instagram / Jackie Chan

What happened? And what does the Chinese actor Jackie Chan have to do with it?

The authors of the video accused one of the law enforcement officers of wanting to get a firearm, but the policeman denied everything. A group of Bronx residents argued with the officer, while the colleagues behind him were watching the situation. Then the New York cops left, but the racists didn't want to let them go just like that and one of them told «Bye, Jackie Chan to an Asian-born policeman.

During the day, the video was watched four million times, and just the racist phrase of the operators got into the trends.

The original video appeared on the Net two years ago. But the remark towards the Asian policeman became popular right now, in the era of coronavirus, when health issues are more relevant than ever in the networks.

So, when seeing «Bye Jackie Chan» in trends, people didn't think about what was happening in the video. And many users criticized the authors. Indeed, racism is one of the worst phenomena in the history of mankind. And involving Jackie Chan into this is also not a good idea, right?