Jaden Smith would refuse his last name, but never - of these things!
© Instagram / Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith would refuse his last name, but never - of these things!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-27 17:58:56

Will Smith's son can refuse his last name, but not of these things. Which ones?

By the age of 21, Jaden Smith managed to go from a son of a stellar father and a «karate kid» to a musician with his own name. However, the ghost of Will always hovers somewhere nearby, so Jaden released his second album «Erys» under his own name.

Jaden Smith
© Instagram / Jaden Smith

Smith Jr. tried to stand out in every way: his experiments are no less impressive than, for example, the dreadlocks of Luka Sabbat. By the way, Jaden found what to do with his dreadlocks even after he took them off: at Met Gala in 2017, he wore it in his hand as an accessory.

As for accessories, Jaden, apparently, is not a big fan of putting little things in his pockets. Instead, he remains loyal to his micro bag from the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration. And Smith puts it on even with a tuxedo. If you have already reached the level of conscious consumption of Jaden Smith, then this idea may seem quite reasonable, but the black tie dress code is obviously not happy with the neighborhood with the scarlet bag...

You can say that all rappers are born with chains on their necks, but Jaden Smith has surpassed any average Travis Scott. Hanging with chains from head to toe - not necessarily gold and in rhinestones - is the rule for Jaden.

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