Jamie Dornan revealed the principle of choosing roles after “50 Shades”
© Instagram / Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan revealed the principle of choosing roles after “50 Shades”

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-06 23:07:12

The British co-star of Dakota Johnson Jamie Dornan, who became famous after the role of Christian Grey in the erotic melodrama «50 shades of Grey» and its continuations, revealed how he chose roles to play.

According to Jamie, he didn't have any standards, but he had a clear idea of what suited him. But the first thing needed is reading this or that script.

Moreover, Jamie needed variety which means he didn't want to be the one who starred only in action films or comedies as the actor's main task is to transform and combine different genres.

According to the actor, he is glad how his career has been developing after «50 Shades of Grey.»

When asked by the journalist about whether he was worried about becoming an actor of one role, Jamie Dornan said that this could not happen because it was so unusual with the plot where a millionaire was addicted to BDSM. Dornan admitted he had never done anything like this and would probably never do.

Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, Dornan starred in the episode thriller «Doctor Death» where he acted as a sociopathic doctor Christopher Danch. After the production of the project in New York was suspended, the actor left for the UK, where he has been in isolation with his wife and children.