Jason Momoa has no opportunity to star in the Witcher prequel
© Instagram / Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa has no opportunity to star in the Witcher prequel

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-02-02 21:43:08

The problem is a busy shooting schedule.

Rumors about the participation of Jason Momoa in the six-part prequel to The Witcher with the subtitle «Origins of Blood» appeared long ago, but, most likely, due to the tight schedule, the actor will not be able to take part in the series.

Jason Momoa
© Instagram / Jason Momoa

According to the latest update from Redanian Intelligence, which specializes in reliable news on the Geralt of Rivia universe, the show's schedule overlaps with Momoa's work on Netflix's Dreamland, which runs from February to May. The production of The Witcher: Origins of Blood starts in April. Also, do not forget that the sequel «Aquamen» is included in the artist's creative plans for this summer.

Initially, it was assumed that Momoa was offered to play the first witcher of the Continent, but, based on insider data, he was considered for the image of Fjall, one of the central elven characters of the spin-off.

The upcoming dark fantasy will detail the events of 1200 years ago, when a magical cataclysm occurred known as the Conjugation of the Orbs. This incident is an extremely important element in Andrzej Sapkowski's mythology. As a result of the catastrophe, the boundaries of the worlds were mixed, which led to the birth on the territory of the Continent of many magical creatures, monsters, as well as various species and races.

The showrunner of «The Origins of Blood» is Declan de Barra. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and the author of the book cycle are also actively involved in the development. At the end of last month, Jody Turner-Smith (Queen and Slim) was approved for the party of warrior Eily.