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Jeffree Star showed his world. That's stunning!
© Instagram / Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star showed his world. That's stunning!

News author: Linda Davis
2020-03-05 20:43:53

Jeffree Star has posted a sweet photograph on his official Instagram page with the caption to it «My world». Everyone is surprised at what they saw!

Jeffree Star is known to be a famous makeup artist and beauty YouTuber who has founded his own cosmetic brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Despite numerous competitors, Jeffree seems to be quite successful in his business. Lately, he has had many feuds with another makeup YouTuber, James Charles, though.

Jeffree Star is depicted with his three dogs in the pic including Diamond and Daddy. All of the dogs are spending time on a small light gray sofa and Jeffree is gently playing with one of them. That looks so sweet! The celebrity himself is wearing a cozy bathrobe. He's sitting on his knees and seems to love his pets very much!

Jeffree Star's fans say he looks marvelous and loving. They are glad to finally see him happy. It should be mentioned that two months ago, Jeffree parted with his boyfriend, Nathan.