Jeffree Star presented his new cosmetic collection “Cremation”
© Instagram / Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star presented his new cosmetic collection “Cremation”

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-19 23:21:16

Jeffree Star has presented to the world his «Cremation» Palette Collection in a very unusual way. Let's take a look at it.

Jeffree Star is known for having created a few Palette Collections such as «Blood and Lust». He has also founded his own company called «Jeffree Star Collection». The guy is an active YouTuber too. It seems he stopped being enemies with another Internet personality, James Charles. Jeffree called him a «danger to society» in one of his videos.

Jeffree Star
© Instagram / Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star created The «Cremation» Collection just a few days ago. He said in his post «it's all about tapping into your dark desires and exploring another side of yourself. In the photo, he's depicted with a few other models all of whom have makeup with the use of the new collection. The photo by Marcelo Cantu.

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Jeffree Star looks like a demon in his black coat, skirt, stockings and shoes. His hair is white, though, which may mean that Jeffree is an angel inside. On his Twitter page, the star says that the «Cremation» Palette and Collection reveal is now live on his channel.