Jennifer Aniston revealed a nostalgic picture on Instagram
© Instagram / Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston revealed a nostalgic picture on Instagram

By: Margaret Wilson
2019-12-20 14:45:18

Back to October, Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram and now she is getting extremely popular, she reached over 21 million Instagram followers, in such short time. She is about to become a queen of social media. Even though, Aniston only has a small amount of posts, she is beating out the likes of famous Instagram influencers.

On Thursday, Aniston posted a sentimental picture on her Instagram. The post reveals a black-and-white picture of a little Jennifer watching hopefully out the window as if she was waiting for someone. Jennifer wrote, reminiscing, that she was probably wishing for snow.

Jennifer Aniston
© Instagram / Jennifer Aniston

This adorable photo has gathered lots of sweet comments. Someone wrote: «So cute. Had the best dream last nite. Spent the day with Jen.» While another one made an assumption: «Oh so Jennifer is looking at her childhood crush.»

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The actress confirmed she is really enjoying her public profile now, however, initially being scared to join it up. She explained that lots of her friends started to do it and she didn’t want to be that nerd, who does not follow any trend.