Jennifer Aniston made her pet vote against Donald Trump
© Instagram / Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston made her pet vote against Donald Trump

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-10 14:05:12

The 51-year-old lover of Brad Pitt recently has used the chance to support the political opposition in the US using her dog. Jennifer Aniston posed for a photo with a hidden meaning – let's know which one exactly!

Jennifer didn't give all her time to movies. The actress from «Friends» is well known for supporting the party which formed a strong opposition for the US president Donald Trump in America. So, she posted a pic with her dog after the primary elections of the Democratic party.

Jennifer Aniston
© Instagram / Jennifer Aniston

The star put a sticker with the words «I voted» on the dog's head urging her followers to take part in the voting during the last «Super Tuesday.»

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We are pretty sure that cinema and show biz should be far from politics and never mess up with this sphere. So, the only feature that attracted us in the snap was that the celeb posed for the pic without makeup on her face and her natural beauty made the photo awesome!

Don't you think so? Have you voted in the elections? Share the photo of your sticker with us in the comments below!