Jennifer Lawrence, “The Hunger Games” star, seems to have gained weight!
© Instagram / Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, “The Hunger Games” star, seems to have gained weight!

By: Linda Davis
2020-04-15 15:46:10

Jennifer Lawrence's fans have posted a photo of the celebrity on one of Instagram fan pages. It seems that the major actress of «The Hunger Games» movie trilogy has gained a few extra kilos!

There have been rumors that actor Bradley Cooper and Jennifer are more than just friends. Well, they used to star as a couple in films but in real life they never dated. The same can be said about the relationship of the actress with Josh Hutcherson, her «Hunger Games» co-star. The actor revealed in one of his interviews that they have never had a romantic affair with Jennifer Lawrence. Instead, he has always been like a mentor to her.

At present, Lawrence is married to Cooke Maroney. Is the photo, the actress looks somewhat overweight with her wide shoulders and thick neck. Jennifer's fans, though, claim she looks gorgeous in this picture. In fact, it was taken at the «X-men: Apocalypse photocall» in London, May 2016.

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Many of Jennifer Lawrence's followers on Instagram are sure that the actress is the most beautiful lady ever. They love her smile and just everything about her appearance.