Jennifer Lawrence joined Dior and showed intriguing looks
© Instagram / Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence joined Dior and showed intriguing looks

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-17 17:02:40

Jennifer Lawrence seemed to be eager to leave the look of the star from «The Hunger Games» as she showed luxurious looks from Dior. Let's know more about this!

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence became the main model of the advertising campaign of the new autumn collection of the French brand Dior.

Jennifer Lawrence
© Instagram / Jennifer Lawrence

The 29-year-old movie star appeared in advertising photos in extremely minimalistic looks from the new collection, demonstrating the famous chic of the fashion house. And well, there definitely is something intriguing to look at!

In particular, Lawrence posed in dresses with puffy skirts and coats, and her looks were completed by special accessories - bags, gloves and hats from the autumn collection.

The author of the photo shoot was Brigitte Niedermair, who shot the actress in New York in December last year. By the way, in some interviews, the photographer talked about how the coronavirus affected the whole fashion industry.

So, according to her, brands need to think more about the looks they want to show and this is an opportunity to slow down and return to key values.

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