Jessica Biel laughed at herself sharing this photo!
© Instagram / Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel laughed at herself sharing this photo!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-01 23:10:53

As you probably know, 37-year-old Jessica Biel had tried herself as a model and even starred in several commercials before becoming an actress. But she likes self-irony, so you'll probably see why Justin Timberlake's wife laughed at herself when she shared the picture.

Jessica took to Instagram to show her fans a photo taken many years ago when she was still a teenager. And the star's followers definitely loved it despite the fact Biel looked quite awkward there.

Jessica Biel
© Instagram / Jessica Biel

They mentioned the actress always looks great, including this snap where the 16-year-old girl with her friends posed in a light black dress. «It was the time I fell in love with you,» «Iconic,» «How can you always be so smart?» they commented.

By the way, Jessica's husband, 38-year-old Justin Timberlake, did not miss the pic too. He noted his wife had done an excellent job.

But it seems that Timberlake still feels guilty for the unpleasant incident that happened last year with Alisha Wainwright.

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