Jessica Biel delighted fans with her fit arms: what's her secret?
© Instagram / Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel delighted fans with her fit arms: what's her secret?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-21 19:18:35

Justin Timberlake's wife Jessica Biel showed the result of ongoing workouts. It really has impressed and delighted her fans, so why don't we know her secret as well?

Jessica Biel has always taken great care about her shapes and therefore was considered one of the most athletic Hollywood actresses.

Jessica Biel
© Instagram / Jessica Biel

On the birthday of her son Silas, Biel shared a photo in social networks. She posed holding the little boy on his shoulder there. And fans were absolutely delighted with the fit arms of the actress.

They even asked her to share the secret of her workouts.

And Jess does not keep her workouts a secret. The actress jogs, sprints for short distances, and also goes in for sports walking. There is a wide variety of workouts in her shedule: cardio, weight training, plyometrics (alternating stretching and rapid muscle contraction). In addition, Jessica practices yoga twice a week and even plays soccer.

Biel also takes care about the food. She knows an original way not to overeat outside the house. When the star orders food in a restaurant, she divides the portion in half and immediately asks to take one half back. Moreover, she doesn't eat many desserts.

Would you like to follow Jessica Biel's lifestyle?