Jessica Simpson revealed the real life of a housewife!
© Instagram / Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson revealed the real life of a housewife!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-13 13:46:02

39-year-old Jessica Simpson made a funny parody of her photo that had been published in a magazine long ago. And there surely is something special to look at!

American singer and actress Jessica Simpson recently lost 45 kilos after her third pregnancy, so it is not surprising that the blonde wanted to show off her slim figure on Instagram. However, the 39-year-old woman does not mind laughing at herself.

Jessica Simpson
© Instagram / Jessica Simpson

So, Jessica too to the social network and posted a parody of her own photo for «Rolling Stone» magazine, which was made back in 2003.

Then the star was called «Housewife of the Year», so there is nothing strange in the fact that she decided to appear in this look after so many years.

However, this time Jessica demonstrated the real look of a quarantined housewife.

Simpson posed for a photo dressed in a black tracksuit, fluffy slippers with some leopard print, without makeup and with a high tail. You also can see detergents, a mop and a package with cleaning rags in her hands.

According to the star, the real housewife of the year looked a little different. And we completely agree! How about you?