Joaquin Phoenix explained why prisoners should be released from jails
© Instagram / Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix explained why prisoners should be released from jails

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-03 13:18:27

The 45-year-old American actor and the star of the movies «Joker» and «Gladiator» Joaquin Phoenix addressed New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo with an urge to release all prisoners from jails. According to the brother of River Phoenix, this will contribute to the fight against a pandemic.

The spread of coronavirus in prisons has become dangerous for all of us. It was impossible to observe «social distance» and to ensure good hygiene there. The authorities should take all measures to prevent prisoners and the staff from becoming ill and spreading the virus.

So, Phoenix urged the governor to announce a pardon for prisoners in New York City as soon as possible as the lives of many people depend on his actions and none of them was sentenced to death by COVID-19.

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In the movie «Joker,» Joaquin Phoenix played a street actor who suffered from a mental disorder and eventually became a symbol of urban rebellion. The 45-year-old actor won many prestigious awards for this role, including «Oscar» and «Golden Globe». The box office of the movie exceeded a billion dollars.

What do you think about the idea? Should the prisoners be released?