“We will win”: Johnny Depp started Instagram in self-isolation
© Instagram / Johnny Depp

“We will win”: Johnny Depp started Instagram in self-isolation

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-22 22:43:43

Johnny Depp finally started Instagram and just in two hours 1.5 mln people followed him. The actor dedicated his first post to the «invisible enemy» of coronavirus and urged people to take care of each other.

During this difficult time, actor Johnny Depp found a way to support fans. The actor registered on Instagram and posted his first video message called «Isolation», where he shared his thoughts on the coronavirus.

Johnny Depp
© Instagram / Johnny Depp

Among other things, Depp complained that many people with a positive coronavirus test were left without proper care.

In conclusion, the artist urged people not to be upset by quarantine and to observe self-isolation. According to Depp, it is a great time to get creative. For example, one can draw, play musical instruments or make a movie with a phone.

Depp was sitting by candlelight in the video. Twitter has already joked that the actor is isolated in some kind of basement.

The video collected 2.3 million views. Comments on the first post were left by Aerosmith's guitarist Joe Perry, American actress Holly Robinson Pete, Brazilian actress Adrian Galisto and Depp's Hollywood Vampires official account.

The actor himself started following 90 accounts, including Paul McCartney, rapper Snoop Dogg, artist Banksy, Tim Burton, Robert Downey Jr., Penelope Cruz, Cara Delevingne, The Beatles, Aerosmith and others.