Jojo Siwa released dangerous makeup for kids
© Instagram / Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa released dangerous makeup for kids

By: Linda Davis
2020-02-04 20:57:03

Jojo Siva released palettes for teens, and people became very unhappy with this. And it's not at all that it's too early for her fans to paint, or their parents don't want to overpay for the brand. It just turned out that this makeup is very dangerous.

For the first time, the makeup kits for kids arrived at Claire's cosmetics and accessories stores in 2019.

Jojo Siwa
© Instagram / Jojo Siwa

And lots of teens became happy because of this posting cheerful pics on Instagram.

But not so long ago, it became clear that buying the sets was a mistake as it was reported by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA published new results of ongoing testing of asbestos-based makeup products and advised customers not to use the products which tested positive for asbestos and have been recalled.

Asbestos dust is a carcinogen, and today it is banned in 63 countries.