Jojo Siwa, former star of “Dance Moms”, cannot cope with two puppies!
© Instagram / Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa, former star of “Dance Moms”, cannot cope with two puppies!

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-18 18:57:04

Jojo Siwa has recently shared several funny videos and photos with two little dogs. Just take a look at how difficult she finds dealing with them!

Once Jojo was just a dancer and a participant of the «Dance Moms» show. Now, she has become one of the world's most famous and richest singers. Despite being 16 she hasn't got a boyfriend yet, at least that's what she says.

Jojo Siwa
© Instagram / Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa has always pleased her fans on social networks with high-quality content. This time, she has posted lots of pics and videos in which she's depicted with two cute little puppies. In one of the videos, a dog is playing with Jojo's hair and the celebrity doesn't even mind. Her caption to the files reads: «Trying to get the 2 craziest dogs to take a pic to get is not an easy task!»

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These days, Jojo Siwa has performed live from the stage in her backyard. This is just a short episode of her Worldwide Live show. She performs three of her most popular songs. Jojo's followers feel thankful for her excellent performance! Some of them are asking who played Bow Bow.