Jonah Hill is worried about MF Doom's death but he feels thankful
© Instagram / Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is worried about MF Doom's death but he feels thankful

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-01-03 19:01:23

Jonah Hill has shared sad news on his Instagram page informing that MF Doom died. People's reactions are surprising and astonishing!

Jonah Hill filmography includes fifty films and fifteen television series. The actor is still in a great friendly relationship with Seth Rogen whom he met when performing his role in sex comedy «The 40-Year-Old Virgin» in 2005. Hill even visited Rogen's wedding. 2007 American teen comedy «Superbad» stars Hill and Michael Cera as Seth and Evan, desperate teenagers who dream to lose their virginity but face many difficulties. In 2013, Jonah Hill co-starred Leonardo DiCaprio in black comedy «The Wolf of Wall Street». Hill plays businessman Donnie Azoff. Jonah Hill co-starred James Franco in 2015 mystery drama «True Story». In 2018, he perfectly portrayed his unusual character in drama miniseries «Maniac» along with Emma Stone.

Jonah Hill expressed his gratitude to MF Doom who died on October, 31. Although the rapper passed away over two months ago, his family just announced it these days. They wanted to keep the news private. It's such a sad coincidence that the musician died on Halloween. Some people think he wasn't famous and no one knew who he was, while others know MF Doom as one of the best artists of all time. Jonah Hill considers the rapper truly legendary. The cause of his death is unknown. By the way, the singer was always secretive with his private life.

Jonah Hill was caught by paparazzi in the street when his «The Wolf of Wall Street» co-star Leonardo DiCaprio was scaring Hill by pretending to be his fan. The two then embraced each other.