Righteousness: fans reacted to the posthumous clip of Juice WRLD
© Instagram / Juice WRLD

Righteousness: fans reacted to the posthumous clip of Juice WRLD

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-04 15:49:44

As you know, the rapper Juice WRLD died at the age of 21, but still has left a great legacy including the track «Righteous» with its incredible lyrics. Alexia Smith's ex-boyfriend and the colleague of XXXTentacion and Lil Uzi Vert could be proud of the work and the video that was made in the form of real live wallpaper.

Not so long ago the Youtube-channel nel of the deceased American rapper Juice WRLD released a clip for the track «Righteous.» The video shows archival videos of the musician, including snaps from the shooting of his concert performances, as well as «life» everyday shots.

Some part of the clip is made in the genre of animation: it was shown how a rapper fights with demons.

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Juice WRLD died in the morning of December 8 at a Chicago airport from a drug overdose. He simply swallowed all the pills of semisynthetic percocet opioid he had with him in order to hide them from the FBI. The rapper had some criminal luggage that included 31 kilograms of marijuana, six bottles of cough syrup with codeine and three pistols that were registered with his bodyguards.

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