Julia Roberts without makeup stunned every netizen
© Instagram / Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts without makeup stunned every netizen

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-06 13:31:15

The movie «Pretty Woman» with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere turned 30 this year. But Emma Roberts and Sandra Bullock's colleague has fascinated millions of fans with other things too!

Julia Roberts is now 52 years old. Recently, the actress has posted a pic on Instagram. The American decided to post a photo without makeup and no photo editing.

Julia Roberts
© Instagram / Julia Roberts

Julia made a selfie at home. In the picture, the actress appeared in a red dress with some floral print, and her face was decorated only with glasses in a dark wide frame. Roberts let loose her hair, laying it in waves. And many fans of «Pretty Woman» noted that age did not affect the star at all. Do you agree?

The actress took the picture at home for a reason. Julia decided to join the quarantine flash mob «#IStayHomeFor.»

According to Roberts, she decided to isolate herself for her family, for all health workers and for her «wonderful 95-year-old neighbor.» She encouraged all people to stay at home too.

Are you staying at home? How are you spending your time there?