Julia Roberts, the “Pretty Woman” star, is fighting against child poverty
© Instagram / Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, the “Pretty Woman” star, is fighting against child poverty

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-20 16:16:23

Julia Roberts is not only a great actress but she is a mother of three children and simply a woman with a huge heart. These days, she joined another campaign combating child poverty.

Julia Roberts has starred in so many films and television series that it is hard to set aside any special one. In fact, Julia Roberts filmography includes 52 movies and 19 television series with the 2018 psychologist thriller «Homecoming» being the last one. Julia performs the role of Heidi Bergman in ten episodes.

On her official Instagram page, Julia Roberts has recently declared that she believes in the world without child poverty. She encourages everyone to join her in the campaign at NosesOn.com. All you will need to do is to get your red nose. Don't miss the Red Nose Day Special on May 21 on NBC.

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Julia Roberts paid tribute to Garry Marshall who died almost five years ago. They worked together on the movie «Pretty Woman,» the movie that actually made her a star. In her interview, Julia tells about the necklace that Garry Marshall gave her. It made her think that someone loves her.