Justin Bieber’s sisters made him proud
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Justin Bieber’s sisters made him proud

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-12 16:16:47

Justin Bieber did his best to promote his single announcing the upcoming album. His sisters also helped him a lot by presenting a great dance for the song Yummy on Tik Tok!

Justin Bieber released the first single a few days ago. The song’s title is «Yummy» and it is dedicated to the celeb’s wife, Hailey Bieber.

Justin’s sisters, Allie Rebelo and Jazmyn Bieber, arranged a dance to the song «Yummy». Jazzy also made her own video. And the effects of both clips are really sweet!

«Yummy» provoked quite mixed reactions of Bieber’s fans. Some of them liked it very much, but others thought it was his worst song and the most stupid love song!