“Worms instead of brains!” Justin Bieber supported fans in a weird way!
© Instagram / Justin Bieber

“Worms instead of brains!” Justin Bieber supported fans in a weird way!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-12 14:33:20

26-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber who is supposed to perform a track with Selena Gomez failed to find some good words of support for his fans. And Kylie Jenner's sister Kendall made this situation even worse.

Justin Bieber was hit by a storm of negative comments after he and his wife Hailey Rhode Bieber went live on Instagram with Kendall Jenner. During the conversation, they talked about the coronavirus pandemic and self-isolation which have been exciting people around the world.

Justin Bieber
© Instagram / Justin Bieber

The 26-year-old singer decided to cheer on his fans, but failed to do this and made them angry.

According to Bieber, they were very lucky, as many people found themselves in a terrible situation and looked at celebs. Justin claimed he worked very hard to get where he was now. So, as the star said, you should not be upset about what he has!

At the same time, Bieber admitted it was important to understand that there were people around who could barely make ends meet.

Kendall Jenner agreed with Justin, but the response of the followers was not long in coming. In angry posts and comments, they accused the stars of arrogance, and also pointed out that now, when many people became jobless, it was not a good time to show off their rich life.

«He has worms instead of brains,» one Internet user wrote of Bieber. «Shut up, better bake a banana pie and stay home,» another one added.