Justin Bieber organized a pajama party for his wife Hailey Baldwin!
© Instagram / Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber organized a pajama party for his wife Hailey Baldwin!

By: Linda Davis
2020-04-24 19:22:16

Justin Bieber and singer Selena Gomez's relationship lasted from 2010 to 2012. Both in the couple were too young. The singer has never dated Ariana Grande. They have always been friends and even performed together at Coachella. In September 2018, Bieber married the love of his life, singer Hailey Baldwin, at the age of 24.

At present, Justin Bieber can boast five studio albums, but no one will forget his song «Baby» that was released in 2009 and entered the album «My Worlds» (Japan «Special Edition»). It was one of his first songs that made the singer prominent. Justin Bieber's freshest song is called «Intentions». It appeared as a result of his collaboration with Quavo.

Justin Bieber
© Instagram / Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is very bored during these long quarantine days just like anyone in America. He cannot give concerts or travel. But it seems he found the way to entertain himself and his wife – he organized a pajama party for Hailey Baldwin and her friend. Just take a look at these funny photos on Instagram!

The guys had so much fun at Drew's house! All of Justin Bieber's fans are in love with those cute photos; however, some of them are worried about social distancing.