Justin Bieber reveals how his arrest changed his life
© Instagram / Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber reveals how his arrest changed his life

By: Margaret Wilson
2021-01-31 16:58:10

I was unhappy and confused

It has been exactly seven years since Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami on charges of drunk driving and resisting arrest. Today, the 26-year-old singer wrote a post on Instagram in which he talked about the impact that detention had on him.

Justin Bieber
© Instagram / Justin Bieber

I was arrested 7 years ago. And this is far from the best moment in my life. I am by no means proud of this. I was in pain, I was unhappy and confused. I got angry, misled others and angry with God ... I also wore too many leather clothes. As a result of all this, the Lord paved a long path for me, - the performer shared.

Imprisonment was a turning point in his life for Justin. Since then, he has become an even more religious person and regularly thanks the Almighty for the right turns in life.

Don't let the shame destroy yours today, let the forgiveness of Jesus take over and watch your life flourish, «Bieber finished his message in parting.

Recall that a couple of weeks before the arrest, large-scale searches took place in the singer's houses. The police have received a complaint that Justin is behaving inappropriately and throwing eggs at nearby houses. As a result, Bieber was accused of causing significant damage to someone else's property, and one of his friends was arrested after a search for drug possession.