Kaley Cuoco, “The Big Bang Theory” star, told about her morning
© Instagram / Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco, “The Big Bang Theory” star, told about her morning

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-21 19:24:52

Kaley Cuoco had a live conversation with her fans these days. She had a really unbelievable morning on Monday! Listen to the actress!

Kaley Cuoco is known for her role of Penny in the 2007–2019 television comedy series «The Big Bang Theory». The entire cast of the series including Melissa Rauch were almost crying last year as they starred in the finale episode. In the end of April, the Internet was filled with numerous photos depicting Kaley in bikini that doesn't fit her.

Kaley Cuoco
© Instagram / Kaley Cuoco

In the video on her Instagram page, Kaley Cuoco tells about her crazy Monday morning while still sitting in a home pink robe and white and pink ears. She's drinking her morning beverage with her cute puppy Ruby sitting behind. The star's fans love her look, as well as pink nail polish very much and ask her where she got her beautiful towel ears headband and cup from. She answered in the comments that she bought these things on Amazon.

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That video was taken after another one – the video in which Kaley Cuoco chats on «The 3rd Hour» from her car! She is wearing a robe and ears; however, she's talking on a very serious topic - epidermolysis bullosa – a disease that requires much effort and money to deal with it.