Kanye West shared the rare pictures on Instagram
© Instagram / Kanye West

Kanye West shared the rare pictures on Instagram

By: Linda Davis
2019-12-22 13:36:04

On Friday, December 21, Kanye West shared a series of photo celebrating his son’s fourth birthday. it's quite rare to see Kanye smiling. But this time, the 42-year-old rapper made his followers really happy.

Earlier this month, Saint West turned 4 years, and his family organized him a dinosaur party. Kim Kardashian also uploaded photos of the party on Instagram on December 17. The celebration seemed to be fabulous. There were giant dinosaur eggs decorations and other huge toys coming out of the ground.

The photos feature Kanye is shining with happiness while holding his little girl. In one cute picture, the artist simply held a daughter Chicago, while the toddler held a toy and received a kiss from her mommy. The rapper also shared some pics of his kids playing together and the birthday boy wearing a dinosaur mask.

There are lots of rumors have been spinning around Kanye and Kim marriage. Even though, the pair looked absolutely happy and full of joy. Unfortunately, many tabloids are purposely ignoring the real things and keep sticking with the baseless