Fans accused Kate Beckinsale of terrorism
© Instagram / Kate Beckinsale

Fans accused Kate Beckinsale of terrorism

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-26 16:24:21

46-year old Kate Beckinsale was accused of terrorism. Let's know why the star of «Underworld» and Pete Davidson's ex-lover turned out to be so evil!

The problem appeared on Twitter, when one of Kate's fans (or haters?) tried to protect Harvey Weinstein. As you know, the 68-year-old producer was accused of raping young actresses and has to stay in jail for 23 years. By the way, the producer was infected by the coronavirus there.

Kate Beckinsale
© Instagram / Kate Beckinsale

But let's come back to Kate Beckinsale. According to one of the posts, the Christian sect terrorizes men and humanity. User Patrullov admitted that Weinstein let Kate Beckinsale to Hollywood, and she killed him.

All in all, they gave 23 years in jail for harassing beautiful Kate. The user is sure that male harassing of a beauty is a natural thing but it's a crime for the Christian sect.

And looking at the photo it's difficult to disagree with the post!

What do you think about this? Would you like to protect Weinstein?