Kate Beckinsale did weird things to her cats with cabbage
© Instagram / Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale did weird things to her cats with cabbage

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-09 12:39:19

46-year-old star of «Underworld» and «Van Helsing» definitely loves cats, but this time Kate Beckinsale did really stupid thing to her pets. Even Pete Davidson would say there was something really silly about her!

Yes, we all know that Kate Beckinsale is crazy about her Persian cats Willow and Clive. We hope they love their owner too – otherwise, how else can one explain the animals forgave even the silliest jokes with themselves.

Kate Beckinsale
© Instagram / Kate Beckinsale

Kate took to Instagram to share a video where she lays some parts of cabbage on Willow's head. Well, let's excuse her – the actress really thought it was funny. But the cat's whole look seemed to say clearly «Sorry, my owner is super silly woman!»

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We surely admire and respect all the things Kate Beckinsale has done to the movie world, but what was the point of the latest video? Ow, we see! The celeb has been impacted by the long and boring days of quarantine. And now she tries hard to invent something extraordinary and attract attention.

But did you like this? And do you have any pets?