Kate Beckinsale turned a duck into a seagull during the quarantine
© Instagram / Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale turned a duck into a seagull during the quarantine

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-02 12:31:07

In spite of her daughter, the 46-year-old actress from «Underworld» surely has been choosing boyfriends who are much younger than she, which was proved by the fact she had left Pete Davidson for dating a Canadian musician. But let's leave the romantic topic and see what weird things Kate has been doing during the quarantine!

Actually, she decided to arrange a performance and play «The Seagull» by Chekhov. The actress's partner was an air conditioning repairman Leonid, and a rubber duck became the famous seagull.

Kate Beckinsale
© Instagram / Kate Beckinsale

The fact is that during the self-isolation, British actress Kate Beckinsale hasn't forgotten about rehearsals and her wish to study Russian language and literature.

Beckinsale played an excerpt from Chekhov's «The Seagull», where she took the role of Nina, and her Russian-speaking partner Leonid became Treplev. And the result was quite funny! Just look at it!

At some moment Leonid threw a yellow rubber duck and said he was mean enough to kill the seagull which he is to put at Kate's feet.

After a couple of phrases, Leonid stopped the action and said that nothing will come of it, because Kate was too old to play Nina, and he didn't come for that, but to fix the air conditioner.

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