“Tiger King”: why does Kate McKinnon want to star in it?
© Instagram / Kate McKinnon

“Tiger King”: why does Kate McKinnon want to star in it?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-07 18:57:01

36-year-old Kate McKinnnon from «Saturday Night Live» definitely had big plans and was eager to star in a new movie with Nicolas Cage – it seems Kate's girlfriend Marla Mindelle failed to bring much fun!

The documentary series «Tiger King» became very popular during the current quarantine. So it is not surprising that its success will lead to the creation of its adaptation.

The series told the amazing story of Oklahoma Zoo owner Joe Exotica and his confrontation with animal rights activist Carol Baskin. As it became known, Nicolas Cage will play Joe Exotic, a lover of guns and polygamous relationships, who has been serving a 22-year prison sentence since 2019 for plotting to kill Baskin.

The actor will star in a new eight-part television series based on the article about Joe Exotic written by a professional journalist in Texas.


The star of «Saturday Night Live» and «Ghostbusters» Kate McKinnon will play Baskin in another series. Her version will be based on the «Joe Exotic: Tiger King» podcast, developed by the US network of podcasts «Wondery» in March.

But is it possible to implement both scenarios? If not, which of the series will be aired? There are no answers to these questions yet. Which one would you prefer?