Kate Middleton. Royal family attends Christmas service
© Instagram / Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton. Royal family attends Christmas service

By: Linda Davis
2019-12-26 19:35:06

Christmas spreads everywhere and doesn’t pass by even kings and queens, as we can see from the newest photo Kensington Palace has shared on Instagram.

Here, Kate Middleton arrives at a church in Sandringham with her husband Prince William, father-in-law Prince Charles and her kids, George, 6, and Charlotte, 4.

The smiling Duchess was wearing a warm gray coat and a lovely green hat. It should be mentioned, this is the first service attended by the royal kids, so they took the whole event very seriously.

And Instagram’s users seem to understand their feelings by saying how lovely is being joined by the kids. They also note that the service «must be a little overwhelming for them but they handled it like champions.»