Kate Middleton celebrated her 38th birthday
© Instagram / Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton celebrated her 38th birthday

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-09 16:37:19

It became known how Kate Middleton celebrated her special day.

Kate Middleton turned 38 years old on January 9. But the Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her birthday on the weekend. Not so long ago there appeared some details of how Kate’s festive weekend passed.

A fresh photo of Kate appeared on Instagram. The Duchess of Cambridge looked very cute and modest here dressed in jeans, white shirt and plain brown sweater.

By the way, the birthday’s celebration had to be changed because of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The kids’ holidays were ending, and they had to return to school on January 7. So, the parents adjusted their schedule for them - they gathered friends for the holiday a few days before the special day.