Kate Middleton and Prince William are preparing to move
© Instagram / Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton and Prince William are preparing to move

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-19 02:58:29

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with their children - 7-year-old George, 5-year-old Charlotte and 2-year-old Louis - have not been sitting still and ply between their estates.

So, now that quarantine has been introduced in the UK and security measures have been increased, the family is in their country house, Anmer Hall. But soon they will have to move.

Kate Middleton
© Instagram / Kate Middleton

Recently, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the isolation will continue until at least March 8, and he will announce the final decision on this issue on February 22.

The schools will be the first institutions to resume their work. Consequently, George and Charlotte will soon have to return to their Thomas's Battersea school, and their family will have to move to Kensington Palace in London.

Earlier on, how they manage to teach children at home, Prince William talked about in the podcast of football star Peter Crouch, That Peter Crouch Podcast:

My patience is much less than I thought. But my wife has it excellent. I was a little embarrassed by the math and realized that the assignments for the second grade are oh so difficult!

Kate Middleton, in turn, complained in an interview in May that Prince George is more passionate about the tasks that are given to his sister:

George is very upset because he wants to work on Charlotte's projects. After all, doing things like spider sandwiches, in his opinion, is much cooler than literacy.