Katherine Schwarzenegger revealed the secrets of her new book. Watch the video!
© Instagram / Katherine Schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger revealed the secrets of her new book. Watch the video!

By: Linda Davis
2020-06-20 23:46:35

Katherine Schwarzenegger has informed her readers on Instagram that she had a pleasant conversation with Natalie Manuel Lee these days in which she discussed vital principles of the book «The Gift of Forgiveness».

Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, married American actor Chris Pratt in June 2019. They were happy at their wedding describing it as the best day of their lives. At present, there are many rumors about Katherine's pregnancy, so Chris will probably become a father for the second time. Earlier, Chris Pratt was married to Anna Faris and has a son with her.

Katherine Schwarzenegger
© Instagram / Katherine Schwarzenegger

Recently, Katherine Schwarzenegger has declared on her Instagram page that she «had the pleasure of sitting down pre-covid days and pre-book launch» with Natalie Manuel Lee for her new show, «Now With Natalie Show». The ladies discussed Katherine's new book «The Gift of Forgiveness». Check out an episode of this great conversation right now! You can check it out in her stories and order a copy of the book at the link in her bio.

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Katherine Schwarzenegger feels thankful to «Pure Wow» for including her book «The Gift of Forgiveness» in the list of 10 new self-help books explained in less than two sentences.