Katie Holmes is secretly dating an ex-lover of Jennifer Aniston
© Instagram / Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is secretly dating an ex-lover of Jennifer Aniston

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-06 16:21:24

Since the time it became known about the breakup of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, fans and journalists regularly have been inventing new romances for her. Not so long ago, for example, insiders talked about the fact that Tom Cruise's ex wife had some serious relationship with Bradley Cooper, who also lived in New York.

And the other day, there appeared some information that Katie secretly dated the former boyfriend of Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux. It is not specified how the ex-wife of Tom Cruise had met the actor. However, sources insist that the relationship has been developing rapidly. They say Justin had already introduced Katie to almost all of his friends.

Katie Holmes
© Instagram / Katie Holmes

«She introduced him to her daughter Suri. Of course, she did not tell the girl that she had a romantic relationship with Teru, but it seems that the daughter has already found common interests with him,» insiders say.

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The couple has not given any official comments on this subject, which is not surprising at all. Holmes used to hide her affair with Foxx for years. And even after breaking up with the actor, she never mentioned him in an interview. Jamie himself confirmed that he broke up with his chosen one in a talk show, but refused to name her.

What do you think about the situation? Don't you think it all looks like a spy-novel?