What did Katie Holmes hide? Truth about Tom Cruise's personal life revealed!
© Instagram / Katie Holmes

What did Katie Holmes hide? Truth about Tom Cruise's personal life revealed!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-28 19:01:04

It turned out that 41-year-old Katie Holmes (who actually failed to keep even Jamie Foxx) hid something about Tom Cruise who carefully has been covering his personal life from paparazzi. Since the divorce from Katie, he has given no interviews and does not talk about his new dating, provoking the widest variety of rumors.

So, in January, journalists shared information that the actor was drawn into the love triangle of Renee Zellweger and Colin Firth.

Katie Holmes
© Instagram / Katie Holmes

And just a couple of months later, Tom was spotted in an affair with Olivia Mann. As the journalists found out, Cruise practically hadn't left the actress and flirted with her during the «Oscar» afterparty. The words of the reporters were confirmed by numerous witnesses. However, apparently, things didn't further.

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Not so long ago, rumors about the relationship of the actor with a colleague from the movie «The Mummy» Sofia Butella again leaked to the press. Journalists even found witnesses of their dating, who confirmed that the stars did not hide their feelings for each other.

However, insiders still insist that Tom has been alone for quite some time. This was confirmed to reporters.

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