Kevin Hart expressed his attitude to new show “Dave”
© Instagram / Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart expressed his attitude to new show “Dave”

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-15 19:10:15

Kevin Hart has left a post on his Instagram page demonstrating his attitude to the show by Lil Dicky.

His post reveals that Kevin is very excited about this show. Besides, he confesses that it was an honor for him to partner with Lil Dicky and his team. He claims Lil is a talented rapper and comedian.

Kevin Hart
© Instagram / Kevin Hart

Kevin’s post has received a great number of comments with most of them being positive. The fans are amazed at how talented Kevin is. He has become a real hero for many of them. One guy even wants to be like the comedian when he grows up. Kevin is said to be a talented actor with many motivating ideas.

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Let me remind that Lil Dick’s show «Dave» will premiere on March 4.