Kim Kardashian was mad at this celebrity for dating her ex
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Kim Kardashian was mad at this celebrity for dating her ex

By: Linda Davis
2019-12-08 19:11:41

Melyssa Ford is an actress and model from Toronto, Canada. She has her own podcast on YouTube called «I am here for the food». In the latest episode of her podcast, Ford spoke with guest Rev. Marcia Dyson. Melyssa talked about an embarrassing experience she had with Kim Kardashian.

Some years ago Ford went on a philanthropic trip in Haiti and Kim was there as well. «What was interesting was Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner were also on this trip and this was at the time where this was right after her 72-minute—day, whatever—marriage to Kris Humphries had happened. And had been getting a lot of bad press because of it. So suddenly her and Kris Jenner were on this humanitarian mission to Haiti», Melyssa shared.

Kim Kardashian
© Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Ford seemed to be suspicious of their real motives, she was initially skeptical that the purpose of their trip was rooted in altruism, Canadian actress wasn’t sure their involvement came from a sincere place.

Kardashian didn’t want Melyssa on the trip because Ford used to date her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush. Dyson (Melyssa’s mom) says the message was sent to her through Jenner.

«Well, Kim is feeling uncomfortable with Ford because of something that was said on social media at the time, and Kim wants to go home if my girl doesn’t leave», Dyson says Jenner told her.

Eventually, actress was not able to participate in some key moments on the trip, such as a visit to meet then-President Michel Matilly. Kardashians were at the meeting front and center for PR and photo purposes.