Kodak Black sang about COVID-19 in jail
© Instagram / Kodak Black

Kodak Black sang about COVID-19 in jail

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-04 17:47:11

As we can see, rapper Kodak Black didn't give up and went on performing even sitting in jail. This time, he sang about the coronavirus outbreak – so, let's know the details!

This Friday, Black posted a video on his Instagram account. The star decided to tell about his own observations about coronavirus through the bars of the jail. But was it successful?

Kodak Black
© Instagram / Kodak Black

Just listen to his lyrics!

According to the song, the virus was created for children of Africa whose bellies touched their backs and for children of China who ate bats.

It seems impossible to invent something sillier, but Kodak went on saying that the kids should be wiser, and he has no wish to talk because the coronavirus has scared the whole world.

Moreover, Black asked about any excuse in case of the end of the world. And admitted he isn't about to become sick with COVID-19 just because he came from 1800 block.

Not so long ago, Kodak Black pleaded guilty to a gun charge in New York. These allegations are related to the April 2019 incident, when Kodak was stopped at the Canadian border. The police reported that the rapper had marijuana and a gun without permission. Now the rapper expects from two to seven years in jail for criminal possession of weapons of the second degree.