Kristen Stewart Comments on Charlie's Angels’ Failure
© Instagram / Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart Comments on Charlie's Angels’ Failure

By: Margaret Wilson
2019-12-17 15:55:09

Kristen Stewart explains what she thinks about the failure of Charlie's Angels.

The restart of the franchise was received rather reluctantly by the audience. It earned only $ 55.8 mln. In an interview, the actress noted that such projects are more difficult to make.

Kristen Stewart
© Instagram / Kristen Stewart

According to her words, the modern climate we all live now, is polarized, and it’s rather difficult to promote movies of such kind. She describes the very interview about Charlie’s Angels as «complicated», «politicized» and «feminist», saying «we just wanted to have a good time.»

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But Kristen also stresses the movie is good and she’s feeling fine. At the same time, she clearly understands, there shan’t be any hopes for possible Charlie's Angels’ sequels.