Kylie Jenner intrigued fans with a new diamond ring
© Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner intrigued fans with a new diamond ring

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-17 12:58:06

The 22-year-old celeb shared pics of herself standing near the Mercedes-Benz SUV. But it was not the car that attracted fans’ attention.

Kylie wore a black-and-white bodysuit in a zebra print. Her look was completed with a pair of bright sneakers which cost about $450.

Kylie Jenner
© Instagram / Kylie Jenner

The girl mentioned her parents in the post by telling her followers a story of scorpios who had made a leo one day.

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45 minutes later, the star showed another photo which let her followers look at her long nails with cute daisies and an awesome diamond ring on her left forefinger. Kylie’s fans were left absolutely puzzled since the girl didn’t explain the snap.