Kylie Jenner demonstrated her childish manicure
© Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner demonstrated her childish manicure

By: Linda Davis
2020-01-17 16:47:10

Recently Kylie Jenner has posted a pic showing her childish nails on her Instagram page. How can she wear such manicure?

Kylie’s photo depicts her sitting in a car with her left hand on her knee. The singer demonstrates her new bright manicure. Her nails have an unusual print of chamomile with petals of different colors that remind the colors of the rainbow.

Kylie Jenner
© Instagram / Kylie Jenner

The singer’s fans appreciated her manicure saying that it looks marvelous with some people claiming they are obsessed with Kylie’s nails. However, not all readers liked her manicure since they found it too childish.

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