Leonardo DiCaprio explained what scared him at the first “Oscars”
© Instagram / Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio explained what scared him at the first “Oscars”

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-16 18:41:03

According to Leonardo DiCaprio's words, he grew up in Hollywood, so he could become only an actor. But Leo had his own fears – let's know them together!

To be honest, the main reason why Leo became an actor was money, because his parents were very poor people, so his acting career seemed to be the easiest way to get out of the «swamp».

Leonardo DiCaprio
© Instagram / Leonardo DiCaprio

When fame came to DiCaprio, journalists wrote that he had the most beautiful name in Hollywood. Strange enough, but the agents he turned to at the very beginning of his career tried to remake his name into Lenny Williams - it seemed to them that the real name of the young actor was too pretentious.

But in the end they started taking him into small roles in the series. Then came the movie roles; and the young boy was nominated for an Oscar for his second big role of a seriously ill, mentally retarded kid in the movie «What's eating Gilbert Grape?»

DiCaprio remembered the first «Oscars» ceremony in his life: «I was terribly afraid to win. I didn't even prepare a speech, I was afraid to stumble or to disgrace myself. I sat and trembled with a frozen smile on my face, dying of fear.»

So it was quite natural that he lost and had to wait for the victory for another 22 years. By the way, do you like Leo?