The star of “Extraction” Liam Hemsworth revealed why he stopped being a vegan
© Instagram / Liam Hemsworth

The star of “Extraction” Liam Hemsworth revealed why he stopped being a vegan

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-27 21:10:08

Miley Cyrus' ex-husband, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth admitted that he had stopped following the vegan diet due to health problems. In a recent interview, Luke Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth's brother revealed every detail of veganism.

The muscular handsome was one of the stellar ambassadors of veganism. However, Liam's joy over the nutritional system, which implies only plant-based food, did not last so long.

Liam Hemsworth
© Instagram / Liam Hemsworth

According to the ex-husband of Miley Cyrus, the first couple of years after switching to a vegan diet, he felt great, and his body became strong and fit. However, in February 2019, the actor began to complain of weakness and constant fatigue.

Medical examinations found a stone in his kidney, which urgently had to be removed surgically.

According to Liam, if one has a kidney stone, the second one appears with the 50 percent probability if one continues to eat, as usual.

Hemsworth admitted that his stone was calcium-oxalate, which appeared because there had been a lot of oxalates in his diet. Actually, there were a lot of them in most vegetables, especially spinach and almonds. And every morning, the celeb used to ate spinach, almond butter, he drank almond milk and made a smoothie with vegan protein.

Now Liam had to completely reconsider his diet. At the same time, Hemsworth still does not consider veganism to be evil, insisting that it might not suit only him personally. What do you think about veganism? Have you ever tried it?