“You will be punished,” Lili Reinhart commented on breakup with Cole Sprouse
© Instagram / Lili Reinhart

“You will be punished,” Lili Reinhart commented on breakup with Cole Sprouse

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-28 23:04:27

The 23-year-old actress from «Riverdale» became one of the most discussed persons on the Net. This all happened due to her dating and breakup with another not less popular actor Cole Sprouse.

Last week, all the world's tabloids reported another breakup of one of the most beautiful couples in the world of cinema, Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, allegedly because of another Cole's cheating with the model Kaia Jordan Gerber. At the same time, Lili could have something too romantic with KJ Apa.

Lili Reinhart
© Instagram / Lili Reinhart

The media naturally started to persecute Cole and he angrily reacted to this in his stories, asking fans and journalists not to interfere in his personal life, while the actor did not even give even a hint on the nature of his relationship with Lili. Or has anything happened and he feels guilty?

Lily herself remained silent this week, primarily focusing on the health of her doggie, who underwent a surgery. However, the actress finally could not stand it and also made an angry comment on Twitter, though after 30 seconds it was deleted. But some outlets reported the tweet's content.

According to Lili, people became very toxic and they will be punished for discussing Reinhart's personal life.

A few seconds later, the tweet was deleted, and Lili went on keeping silence. It remains to hope that the couple still is together. Although knowing Cole's habit of cheating, we won't be surprised at anything, right?