Logan Paul did a hole in his nose – and it was awfully wrong!
© Instagram / Logan Paul

Logan Paul did a hole in his nose – and it was awfully wrong!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-09 18:28:29

KSI's rival and Youtuber Logan Paul decided to change his look and did some trendy piercing in his nose. But it turned out to be awfully wrong and the celeb cried a lot!

According to his latest video blog, uploaded on April 6, Logan Pole got a piercing in his septum, following a recommendation of his brother Jake. Apparently, he didn't like the whole procedure as the video was called «I Hate Jake Paul

Logan Paul
© Instagram / Logan Paul

And it was absolutely expected that the piercing was painful for Paul and he even cried as the nose is very sensitive part of a human body. After the ring was inserted the celeb claimed he wants to put it off immediately as it hurt «so damn bad.»

All in all, after some bloody experiments Logan took some reliable bolt cutters and pulled the piercing out.

We hope Logan Paul won't be eager to repeat the procedure of piercing in the nearest future. It looks too bloody. We feel pity we did this too long time ago!

How about you? Have you ever done any piercing before?