You would never guess who Logan Paul took as a pet!
© Instagram / Logan Paul

You would never guess who Logan Paul took as a pet!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-18 21:56:21

Super famous Youtuber Logan Paul became well known for his extravagant acts like nasal piercing and making parties during the quarantine. But this time, Jake Paul's brother decided to surprise his fans with cuteness!

25-year-old Logan Paul took to Instagram to tell exciting news! He got a parrot!

Logan Paul
© Instagram / Logan Paul

Logan introduced him as Sir the Gray and explained the bird was an African Grey Parrot and simply his own new partner in crime.

Logan's new pet has got the intellect of a 5-year-old baby and can speak up to a thousand words. He's a baby now but this little dude has a lifespan of 40-60 years and this is the reason Logan likes him so much.

Moreover, the Youtuber addressed Sir writing he knew he couldn't read this because it was a bird. But Paul was extremely excited to welcome the pet to his family and watch it carry on the legacy of Maverick the Parrot.

Let's mention that Maverick was Logan's previous pet.

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